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Higher Education Policy: Theory and Praxis


Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance
Teacher Education

University of Patras

University of the Aegean

University of Peloponnese

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Aims and objective

he subject matter of the master programme is higher education.  More specifically, higher education as a social institution and as a field for the development and application of policies on a national, European and global level and higher education policy as an independent scientific branch of education policy and of the sciences of education.  The choice of higher education as the subject matter of the Master should be considered as self-evident given the significance attached to it today globally for social, economic, technological and cultural development and progress.  In any case this is the reason why today higher education is to be found at the centre of interest as much from a political as from a scientific point of view.  On a European level especially the creation of the European Higher Education Area as the consummation of the Bologna Process shapes a new international framework for the operation and development of higher education and creates increased demands and ambitions for the future.

Within precisely this context the initiative for the creation of a postgraduate programme in Greece which would focus on higher education was developed.  It is the first postgraduate programme with this subject matter in Greece.  While postgraduate programmes which refer to various elements and expressions of education policy and the education sciences generally do exist, there are none that specialise in higher education policy.  From this point of view, the present initiative aims to carve out a pioneering programme in Greece.

On a European level at the moment nine (9) postgraduate programmes (Master) are recorded which bear a title that mentions higher education either directly (as higher education) or with similar content (as lifelong learning) or with the addition of other elements (management, public administration, research and innovation).  These nine programmes have been recorded in Table 1 at the end of the present general introduction, where the corresponding webpages have been noted for further information.  It should be noted that two of these programmes operate as Erasmus Mundus Masters, while one of those (that of the University of Edinburgh) began to operate from January 2016.  Finally, it should also be noted that from 2004 to 2013 the postgraduate programme at Kassel University in Germany, entitled “Higher Education Research and Development”, which was one of the first Masters of this type in Europe, operated.


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