Who is it aimed at: target groups

The postgraduate study programme in question is aimed at two target groups:

  1. Professionals in the field (administrative or scientific staff who are active in institutes of higher education or in bodies related to higher education, like for example the HQA, the NEC as well as the Ministry of Education) who are interested in acquiring theoretical bases in matters of higher education policy as well as in general in improving their abilities and knowledge with regards to matters concerning contemporary trends, developments and prospects within the space of higher education in Greece, Europe and internationally.
  2. Young graduates from various specializations who are interested in specialising in the specific subject in order either to follow a scientific career by continuing for doctoral studies with research/academic prospects or to gain related job prospects as professionals in the field given that all the more need for specialised personnel is being created in new structures and new bodies within and beyond the higher institutions (government policy bodies, quality assurance and certification bodies, educational design bodies, similar as well as other innovative structures within the higher education institutions, such as the career service, study and teaching support and so on.)