Teachers – Secretarial and technical support

Faculty members from the participating Departments as well as other Departments from the participating or other Universities as well as other categories of teaching staff according to the provisions of article 5 of Law 3685/2008 (GG 148 t. A’) teach on the PSP.

More specifically, the following teach on the programme:

Faculty members

  • Adamopoulou Anthi, EDIP, University of Patras 
  • Kamarianos Ioannis, Associate Professor, University of Patras
  • Karakatsani Despoina, Professor, University of the Peloponnese
  • Kimourzis Panagiotis, Professor, University of the Aegean
  • Konidari Victoria, EDIP, University of Patras
  • Kladis Dionysis, Emeritus Professor, University of the Peloponnese
  • Lambropoulos Xarios, Assistant Professor, University of Patras
  • Balias Stathis, Professor, University of Patras
  • Nikolaou Giorgos, Professor, University of Patras
  • Papadiamantaki Yiouli, Associate Professor, University of the Peloponnese
  • Pitsou Xarikleia, EDIP, University of Patras
  • Stamelos Giorgios, Professor, University of Patras
  • Fotopoulos Nikos, Assistant Professor, University of Patras
  • Frounta Maria, EDIP, University of Patras

 Postdocs and doctors specialised in the subject

  • Vasilopoulos Andreas, Doctor, University of Patras
  • Kavasakalis Aggelos, Doctor, University of Patras
  • Lembesi Georgia - Eleni, Doctor, University of Patras

 Secretarial support

  • Apostolakis Manolis
  • Patroni Eleni

 Technical support

  • Υiatas Dimitris.